About the Conference

Why Attend Software 2007?

Software 2007 is the one “must-attend” event of the year for industry executives – CEOs, VPs, entrepreneurs, VCs, systems integrators, offshore providers, accountants, attorneys, bankers, consultants, press and analysts – and most importantly, I.T. buyers.

The vendor-neutral nature of the event means trends can be discussed candidly, the agenda and networking opportunities are highly-focused, and all software vendors, services and customers can be brought together in one forum.

There are numerous rewards for each type of attendee.

  • Established software company executives can size up the competition, identify hot ISV partners and acquisitions, and meet the press, analysts and peers.
  • CEOs and VPs of software startups can attend function-specific breakout sessions, enjoy access to VCs, explore partnerships with larger software players and systems integrators, and network with their startup peers.
  • Venture capitalists and investment bankers can meet new startups, see a showcase of innovative companies, and interact with more than 200 of their investing peers.
  • Software company service providers, accountants, attorneys, bankers, consultants and other industry professionals can meet hundreds of potential clients and market their offerings.
  • CIOs/CTOs and I.T. buyers can network with their peers and participate in direct dialogue with major software vendors.
  • Press and analysts can enjoy unfettered access to software industry leaders, assess and analyze industry trends, and learn first about new products and companies.
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