Breakout Sessions

Tuesday, May 8, 2007
11:00am - 12:00pm

Great America K Great America J Great America 1 Great America 2 Room 209 Great America 3 Room 203 Room 210 2.0 Sessions
Room 204

VC Panel
Moderator: Dan Dorosin, Partner, Fenwick & West; Panelists: Bob Lisbonne, Matrix Partners; Ravi Mohan, Shasta Ventures; Ted Schlein, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Buyers

Strategic M&A: Insights into Buyer Motivations, Value Drivers and Challenges
Moderator: Doug Gonsalves, Managing Director, SVB Alliant; Panelists: Marius Haas, SVP of Strategy & Corporate Development, HP; Matthew Olton, Senior Director and Worldwide Head of M&A, EMC; Marc Brown, Managing Director, Corporate Development Group, Microsoft Corp.

Considering a SaaS Offering? You'll Need to Think Differently, About Pricing and a Whole Lot More
Jim Geisman, President, MarketShare

Media: Who Matters Most?
Sabrina Horn, CEO Horn Group; Aaron Ricadela, BusinessWeek; Tom Foremski, Silicon Valley Watcher; Sam Whitmore, Media Survey

China as a Talent Pool for Startups
Michael Rocha, CEO & co- founder of OpenWater; Frank Yu, President and COO, Augmentum

SaaS and the Channel: Maximizing the Opportunity While Navigating the Obstacles of On-Demand Delivery
Moderator: Bill McNee, President, Saugatuck Technology; Panelists: Shankar Iyer, VP of Strategic Initiatives, WebEx; David Thompson, CEO,; Eric Rubin, President, Dream Factory; Michael Gregoire, CEO, Taleo

The “Poster Children” of Open Source
Larry Augustin, Founder, VA Software; Marten Mickos, CEO, MySQL; Dr. Ken Kizer, CEO & Chairman, Medsphere; Andre Boisvert, Chairman of Compiere and Pentaho

Virtualization as a Competitive Advantage for ISVs
Srinivas Krishnamurti
Director, Virtual Appliances, VM Ware

Enterprise 2.0 Already Happened – but was the User Out of the Room?
Moderators: Ismael Ghalimi, CEO, Intalio, and Jeff Clavier, Managing Partner, SoftTech VC; Panelists: John Roberts, CEO, SugarCRM; Dan Farber, Editor in Chief, ZDNet; Ross Mayfield, CEO, Social Text

The Science of Revenue
Johannes Hoech, Managing Partner, Milestone Group

Delivering New Products vs. Supporting Current Customers: How to Achieve the Elusive Balance
Doug Laney, Director of Worldwide Professional Services, BMC Software

Israel, China, India and the UK: The New Leaders in Software Innovation?
Moderator: Peter Bryant, Founder & President, TransTech USA; Panelists: Ganesh Natarajan, Deputy Chairman & Managing Director, Zensar Technologies Ltd. (India); David Scott Lewis, Senior VP, Startech Global Corporation (China); Gili Raanan, VP, EMC (Israel); John Davies, ICT Strategy & Technology Advisor for UK Trade & Investment

Tuesday, May 8, 2007
4:00pm - 5:00pm

Great America K Great America J Great America 1 Great America 2 Room 209 Great America 3 Room 203 Room 210 2.0 Sessions
Room 204

Corporate Governance Panel
Moderator: Gordon Davidson, Corporate Partner & Chair, Fenwick & West;
Panelists: Carol Bartz, former CEO and current Chairwoman of Autodesk; Bill Campbell, former CEO and current Chairman of Intuit; Christopher Steskal, former Assistant U.S. Attorney and current Partner, Fenwick & West.

Beyond Perpetual: A Status Check on the Latest Sales Models
Moderator: Tom Vertin, Division Manager, Western Division, SVB Panelists: Mark Culhane, CFO, DemandTec; Ken Goldman, CFO, Dexterra; Jim Cook, CFO, Mozilla Corp.

Relationship Marketing 2.0: The Demand Creation Model to Align Marketing Strategy with Sales Execution in the On Demand World
Henry Bruce, Founder and President, Rock Annand Research

The New Rules of Marketing and PR: Reaching Buyers Directly with Blogs, News Releases, Online Media, and Viral Marketing
David Meerman Scott, Thought-
Leadership Strategist, Pragmatic Marketing

Business Intelligence 2.0
Rick Pitts, CEO, QlikTech; Robert Wenig, Founder, CTO, TeaLeaf Technology; Clark French, President, Computer Intelligence Associates

Hybrid Models: Do They Work?
Moderator: Treb Ryan, CEO, OpSource Panelists: Steve Lucas, VP of On Demand Software and Services, Business Objects; Alan Fraser, President & CEO, Astoria Software; Motasim Najeeb, Executive VP of Engineering, TradeBeam

Disrupting the Disruptor in Enterprise Applications: The Power of Commercial Open Source
John Roberts, Chairman & CEO, SugarCRM

Innovation Games: Creating Breakthrough Products through Collaborative Play
Luke Hohmann, CEO & Founder, Enthiosys

Enterprise 2.0 Tales from the Trenches
Moderator: Jeff Clavier, Managing Partner, SoftTech VC; Panelists: Jeff Nolan, CEO, Teqlo; Mike Braun, CEO, Intacct; Rick Geritz, CEO, BDMetrics

Maximizing Your Revenue Through Licensing
Eric Strauss, Director Products, Motorola; Priya Rajagopalan, Director, Global Product Marketing, Macrovision

Software Appliances: An Alternative to SaaS
Billy Marshall, Founder & CEO, rPath

The Process of Innovation
Moderator: Sandeep Kishore, SVP & Head, HiTech and Manufacturing, HCL; Panelists: George Lotridge, VP of Engineering, RSA, The Security Division of EMC; Vasanthan S. Dasan, Distinguished Engineer & CTO, Services Group

Driving Customer Adoption: Shifting from Product to Service Innovation to Enable Market Leadership
Chris Dowse, CEO & Founder, Neochange; Mark Cavender, Founder & Managing Director, Chasm Institute

Wednesday, May 9, 2007
11:00am - 12:00pm

Great America K Great America J Great America 1 Great America 2 Room 209 Great America 3 Room 203 Room 210 2.0 Sessions
Room 204

Private Equity Panel
Moderator: Mark Stevens, Partner, Fenwick & West; Panelists: Chris Nicholson, Vector Capital; Terry Garnett, Garnett & Helfrich Capital; Cary Davis, Warburg Pincus

Selling SaaS ? What is the Real Deal?
Justin Floyd, President & Founder, smartfundit. com; Jeff Kaplan, Managing Director, THINKstrategies; Steve Lucas, Vice President of On Demand Software and Services, Business Objects; René Bonvanie, Senior Vice President and General Manager, AppExchange and Developer Marketing ,

Marketing in a 2.0 World: Utilizing New Tools, Cultivating Communities, and Improving Thought Leadership
Moderator: David Munn, President & CEO, ITSMA Panelists: Kendall Collins, Senior Vice President, Corporate and Product Marketing; John Lenzen, VP, North American Marketing, TCS; Mark Yolton, VP, SAP Community Network, SAP

Getting the Most Leads for Your Marketing Dollars
Anil Gupta, Principal, The Applications Marketing Group

360 Degrees of Success: High-Impact Integration for SaaS Vendors/ISVs
Mike Hoskins, CTO, Pervasive Software

Growing Businesses Beyond the Initial Implementation of SaaS
Brian Vile, VP, Distribution Solutions, Macrovision

New Market Opportunities and Business Models With Open Source 2.0
Tom Berquist, CFO, Ingres;
Stephen J. Ciesinski, CEO/President, Laszlo Systems;
Tim Rathbun, EVP, Marketing & Business Development, GoldenGate Software Inc.;
James Thomas, VP, Information Discovery and Delivery, Business Objects;
Ashish Mahadwar, VP/General Manager, Tech Vertical & Practice, Cognizant

Innovation & Globalization: Yin and Yang
Moderator: Gordon Brooks, CEO, Symphony Services Panelists: Uresh Vahalia, VP, Engineering – Network Attached Storage, EMC; Ed Spire, Senior Director of Technology, Office of the CTO, NetIQ / Attachmate; Robert Gersten, Chief Development Officer, Hyperion Solutions Corporation

Office 2.0: Opportunities and Challenges
Moderator: Ismael Ghalimi, CEO, Intalio; Panelists: Mark Suster, CEO, Koral; Ken Rudin, CEO, LucidEra; Sridhar Vembu, CEO, AdventNet (Zoho) ;Steve Papermaster, CEO, BSG Alliance

Accelerating Sales Performance Through Applied Behavioral Sciences and Advanced Predictive Technologies
Dr. Alan Spizman, Stephen D'Angelo and Scott Zahn, co-founders, Spring Lake Technologies

Advanced Guerrilla Warfare
Rick Bennett, CEO, Rick Bennett Advertising

Delivering Business Value- Experience IT
Andrew Mintzer, VP, Development, Bottom Line Technologies; Sanjay Salunkhe, VP, Patni Computer Systems

Tuning Incentives to Motivate Sales and Drive Profits
Christopher W. Cabrera, Founder, President & CEO, Xactly Corporation; Jeff Williams, VP, Sales, Ironport

Wednesday, May 9, 2007
4:00pm - 5:00pm

Great America K Great America J Great America 1 Great America 2 Room 209 Great America 3 Room 203 Room 210 2.0 Sessions
Room 204

The Benefits of Independence: Navigating a Company Amid the Recent Trend of Consolidation in the Software Industry
Sohaib Abbasi, President & CEO, Informatica

Walking with Giants Part II: Setting Yourself Up for a Successful M&A Exit
Stephen Gold, President, Aberdeen Group


Blasting Through Growth Chokepoints: How You Can Avoid The Deadly Growth Plateaus That Plague All Software Entrepreneurs
Brian Turchin, Founder & President, Cape Horn Strategies

Offshore Alternatives: Vietnam
Vu Lam, VP, Offshore Operations, FCG Software Services; Dan Woodward, VP, Research and Development, BakBone; Shimon Keren, VP, Engineering, Witness Systems

Simpler, Better Real – Time Collaboration Services: It's the Customer Experience that Matters
Anthony King, CIO & VP, Ventana Medical Systems; Mike Mansbach, VP, Enterprise Marketing, Citrix Online; Mikael Blaisdell, Mikael Blaisdell & Associates

The State of Enterprise SOA: Strategies for Real- World Success
Ram Menon, Executive VP, Worldwide Marketing and Product Strategy, TIBCO

International Trends in Software Investing
Moderator: Stephane Dupont, National Venture Capital Association; Panelists: Ajit Nazre, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Buyers; Tali Aben, General Partner, Gemini Israel Fund; Jean Schmitt, General Partner, Sofinnova; Navin Chaddha, Partner, Mayfield

Enterprise 2.0: Myth or Reality? The CIO Point of View
Moderators: Jeff Clavier, Managing Partner, SoftTech VC & Ismael Ghalimi, CEO, Intalio; Panelists: Tom Halbouty, CIO, Pioneer Natural Resources; Russ Finney, CIO, Tokyo Electron; Toby Redshaw, VP of IT, Motorola

Managing Technology: Who Are We Kidding?
Alan F. Nugent, EVP & Chief Technology Officer, CA

The Software Industry on Wall Street: There's Not Enough of It
Kevin E. O'Brien, President & CEO, Revere Data

The “Secret Sauce” for Partner Revenue
Denise A. Sangster, President & CEO, Global Touch

Alternative, Innovative Models for Offshoring
George Wu, VP & Chief Marketing Officer, hiSoft

The Future of Software as a Service: Where Do We Go From Here?
Moderator: Judith Hurwitz, President, Hurwitz & Associates; Christopher Wong, VP, Strategy and Marketing, IBM Developer Relations Software Group; Roger Bottum Vice President of Marketing AXENTIS; Paulo Rosado, CEO, OutSystems

Virtual Implementation in the SaaS World
Sanjay Bulchandani, VP of Professional Services, Netsuite; Jyoti Dasgupta, VP, Hexaware