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Innovation Showcase Theater

Software 2007's Innovation Showcase demonstrates that innovation continues to drive the software industry. Each presenting company is a leader in their space with an innovative solution to important business problems.

The Innovation Showcase is an outstanding opportunity for Software 2007 attendees to see the full breadth of innovative solutions in the software industry. Companies will present on 4 tracks – FastTrack, Software as a Service (Saas), Classic Software and International.

Bruce Fram is the host for the Innovation Showcase. Bruce has 25 years experience in a wide variety of markets including computer networking, enterprise software, software as a service, security and storage.   He works with Venture Capital firms as an investment advisor and interim CEO.   


Proven financial viability and market traction makes these companies likely candidates for the public markets

Presentation Time: Tuesday, May 8th from 12:30 to 1:30 pm

Initiate Systems

Initiate Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of customer-centric master data management solutions for companies and government agencies that want to create the most complete, real-time views of people, households and organizations from data dispersed across multiple application systems and databases.
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Since 1997, IntraLinks has been delivering worldclass technology and superior service to enable the secure exchange of highly confidential information.


MessageOne provides on-demand services for emergency notification and email disaster recovery, archiving, and e-discovery to more than 1,200 customers around the world including 20 percent of the Fortune 500.
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QlikTech is the world’s leading provider of in memory analysis and reporting solutions. QlikTech believes information should be available broadly, affordably, and quickly.


SuccessFactors delivers performance and talent excellence, on demand. The company’s software promotes visibility, accountability, and results, enabling organizations to eliminate the politics that destroy motivation and impede performance.
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ZANTAZ is a market leader in content archiving and electronic discovery. ZANTAZ solutions enable organizations to capture, classify, preserve and discover unstructured digital information, and review and produce relevant documents in a manner that reduces operational risks and costs.


Proven financial viability and market traction makes these companies likely candidates for the public markets

Presentation Time: Tuesday, May 8th from 5:30 to 6:30 pm


Brightidea.com is the product and market leader in the on-demand Innovation Pipeline Management (IPM) market. Brightidea’s software is in use at over 250 leading companies including: British Telcom, Bristol Myers Squibb, Harley Davidson, Bosch, Merrill Lynch, Medtronic, and Experian.

Ketera Technologies

Ketera is the fastest growing provider of on-demand spend management solutions, providing companies with the applications and services needed to control and reduce corporate spending. Many of the world’s leading enterprise companies, depend on Ketera Spend Management to deliver real, hard-dollar savings quickly.
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Parature is the leading provider of on-demand customer support software. Our web-based support solutions enable organizations to effectively manage all of their support needs, and improve internal and external support systems while reducing costs.

Plexus Systems

Plexus Systems, Inc. is the maker of Plexus Online, an on-demand manufacturing system that combines the capabilities of ERP, manufacturing execution systems, quality management, CRM, shop floor integration, and more.
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Spring CM

SpringCM provides Enterprise Content Management software as an On-Demand Service. More than 100 companies such as GE, Cox and Comcast have chosen SpringCM to automate department level document processes to accelerate revenue, reduce costs and better fulfill their mission. Built by industry veterans, SpringCM combines document management, capture/imaging, business process automation, enterprise search and more, and delivers it as a fully integrated service.


Xactly Corporation is the market leader in on-demand sales compensation management and an innovator in on-demand sales performance management. Xactly Incent enables sales and finance executives to design, implement, manage, audit and optimize sales compensation management programs easily and affordably.


A compelling mix of young software companies with innovative ways to apply software to business

Presentation Time: Wednesday, May 9th from 12:30 to 1:30 pm


Accruent leads the industry with a new generation of solutions that fully leverage enterprise real estate assets as a competitive advantage. More than 340 of the world’s largest companies use Accruent Real Estate Performance Management solutions.

Black Duck Software

Black Duck Software® is the leading global provider of software compliance management solutions helping companies understand and manage the intellectual property and legal requirements associated with their software products.


Persystent Technologies automates PC and laptop availability and compliance. By enforcing polices at the desktop, Persystent helps companies improve business continuity, dramatically lower IT costs and ensure configuration and regulatory compliance.

QL2 Software

QL2 is the leading provider of on-demand data extraction and integration software and solutions. We arm our customers with the real-time business intelligence necessary to make smarter, more profitable business decisions.


rPath’s rBuilder and the rPath Appliance Platform transform applications into software appliances. Software vendors can expand their markets, grow distribution channels and reduce development and support costs by delivering their applications as software appliances.
Presenting with SaaS companies on Tues. May 8 at 5:30pm
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Serus is a leader in the emerging category of Intelligent Operations Management, providing a web-based intelligent operations management software solution that helps manufacturing companies address global outsourcing challenges.
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UBmatrix, Inc. is the leading provider of XBRL-based solutions to global organizations allowing them to manage, exchange, and report business information. UBmatrix XBRL solutions increase operational efficiency and financial transparency, and ensure reporting accuracy and regulatory compliance.


Software vendors from every corner of the world building substantial businesses while addressing real enterprise needs

Presentation Time: Wednesday, May 9th from 5:30 to 6:30 pm


Alfresco is the leading open source alternative for enterprise content management. Coupling the innovation of open source with the stability of a true enterprise-class platform, Alfresco uses best-of-breed open source technologies and contributions from the open source community to get higher quality software produced more quickly at much lower cost.
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Atlantis Computing

Atlantis Computing is developing the next generation virtualization platform for on-demand applications. The Atlantis Unity Platform allows any application for any platform to be transformed into a Web-delivered on-demand software service.
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ClusterSeven’s Enterprise Management Solution delivers technology for managing, analyzing and auditing the activity and data generated by Excel spreadsheets. The solution provides management with rapid business intelligence, enhanced compliance efforts and reduced risk where business-critical operations are supported by spreadsheets through non-invasive monitoring and tracking of spreadsheets. ClusterSeven – turning risk into opportunity.

IT Mill

IT Mill Ltd. is a specialist in interface design and technology for enterprise Web users. Founded in 2000, the company provides a variety of products - for example, IT Mill Toolkit - and services for designing, analyzing and implementing user interfaces in enterprise applications.


Transparency Software develops information policy management solutions for database auditing and security. Transparency Vision shifts information policy from a complicated technology task to a business level, enabling business people to define and manage business information policy.


WorkLight™ is a server-based product that makes information workers and consumers more productive and informed by harnessing the power of evolving consumer technologies to create new levels of secure information access to enterprise applications and databases.
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